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Hatem (Brraounchtayn) Na'ama

Birth 1866, lived in Xanthi Greece

Hatem (Miterani) Boulissou

Birth 1865 lived in Alexandropolice, Greece

Hatem Moise

Birth 1905, lived in Alexandropolice, Greece

hatem Oskar

Birth 1930, lived in Alexandopolice Greece

Hatem Marie

Birth 1906, Lived in Alexandropolice, Greece

Regina Braunstain (Hatem)

Birth 1900, lived in Xanthi Greece

Salomon Braunstain

Birth 1889, lived in Xanthi Greece

Fredi Braunstain

Birth 1936, lived in Xanti Greece

Elza Braunstain

Birth 1924, lived in Xanthi Greece

Aharon Manoach

Birth 1882, lived in Larica Greece

Rina (Nechama) Manoach

birth 1883 lived in Saloniki Greece

Shabtai Manoach

Birth 1908 Lived in Saloniki Greece

Matilda Manoach

Birth 1937, lived in Kavala Greece

Victorya Manoach

Birth 1912, lived in Kavala Greece

Zecharia Manoach

Birth 1910, kived in Kavala Greece

Karolina (Assa) Manoach

birth 1895 lived in Kavala Greece

Itshak Manoach

birth 1894 kived in Kavala Greece

Dora manoach

Birth 1926 lived in Kavala Greece

Sarah Manoach

Birth 1898 lived in Kavala Greece